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Four Brazilian Ingredients to Know

Chef Pablo Oazen, the winner of MasterChef Brazil Professionals 2017, shares his favorite ingredients to cook with.

18 Dec 2018
Kenneth Goh Kenneth Goh

5 Things to Know About the Humble Cassava

Bet you didn’t know your tapioca chips and bubble tea pearls are made from a poisonous, native-Brazilian root vegetable.

22 May 2018

Recipe: Caldinho De Feijao (Brazilian Black Bean Soup)

Brazilian chef Paulo Machado shares his recipe for this hearty meat-and-bean stew with all its rich, smoky flavors.

15 May 2018

5 Fantastic French Restaurants in São Paulo

Here's where to get your fix.

13 May 2018
MICHELIN Guide Brazil Editorial Team MICHELIN Guide Brazil Editorial Team
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