MICHELIN Guide New York State


  • 8 Extra Pl., New York, 10003, United States
  • 225 USD • Contemporary
Take Away

Take Ko home with fried chicken or a roasted pork shoulder and sweet or savory donuts to finish. Delivery and pickup available through Caviar.

MICHELIN Guide New York State


  • 8 Extra Pl., New York, 10003, United States
  • 225 USD • Contemporary
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

At this hip dining room, a handsome three-sided counter wrapped around the open kitchen entitles guests to a front row seat and an evening of culinary distinction. Each element just works so well here: from the judicious lighting that makes everything feel more sensual, to the music (never too intrusive but far from anodyne) and the delightful servers who appear ninja-style from nowhere to be at your side when you need something.Completed dishes are handed over by the culinary team, who may have perfected the bad boy/girl looks of the modern urban cook, but speak with unalloyed pride when they describe what you’re about to eat. Flavors are refined yet assured, innovative yet expertly balanced, as in the buttery dry-aged Elysian Fields lamb basted in a fish liver and anchovy sauce. Tarte Tatin is brilliantly reworked with mandarin oranges and goat's milk Gouda shavings to offset the bitterness of the rinds.For those with less time to spare, Ko Bar isn't just a pass-through on the way to the main space. It's an entirely new way to experience the main kitchen's eats. It's also an about-face to Ko's tasting menu, as you can pop in and order à la carte.

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  • n Two MICHELIN Stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour!
  • ó Comfortable restaurant; one of our most delightful places.
  • Uni with hummus and olive oil
  • Beef with green peppercorn sauce and tamarind
  • Mandarin Tarte Tatin with cheese

Facilities & Services

  • E Non-smoking restaurant
  • { Private dining room
  • Counter dining
  • T Air conditioning
  • Credit card / Debit card accepted
  • r Outside dining available


+1 212-500-0831
Opening hours
Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Thursday, dinner : Sunday

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