MICHELIN Guide 2019


  • 414 E. 9th St., New York
  • 75 - 150 USD
  • Japanese
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

Unless you’re only interested in gazing into your date’s eyes, you’ll want to sit at Cagen’s sleek elm counter rather than a table—that way, you’ll get to witness the skill and dexterity on display firsthand. Chef Toshio Tomita spent an age at the legendary Nobu, and his alma mater’s influence is obvious here. There may be only one omakase option to choose from, but rest easy as it includes the chef's legendary sashimi and nigiri (employing seasonal and unique fish from Japan) as well as his outstanding homemade soba noodles. Speaking of which, be sure to mix the sobayu (the water in which the noodles were originally cooked) with the tsuyu dipping sauce for a flavorsome sip at the end. Satisfying, and, as the word "cagen" implies-"just right."


The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal


Quite comfortable


75 - 150 USD

  • E Establishment totally or partly reserved for non-smokers


+1 212-358-8800
Opening hours
Dinner Tue - Sun

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