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Eating Off Duty with Sirichai Sreparplarn

We explore what celebrated chefs eat outside their kitchens.

Eating Off Duty

Sirichai Sreparplarn is the chef of Ugly Baby, the acclaimed Thai restaurant in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens. Sreparplarn, a Bangkok native, was also co-chef at the lauded, now-closed Kao Soy and former trendy pop-up Chiang Mai—both known for serving Thai dishes not commonly seen in American restaurants.

What was the last thing you ate?
Raw mango.

It's your day off. What do you order for breakfast and where? (Outside of your own restaurants.)
Milo French Toast at Kopitiam. It's unexpectedly different from a typical French toast (eggy and custardy, cut into thick strips), and there's a deep flavor to it that I really like.

Controversial question: Do you believe in brunch?
No. It's not that I'm anti-brunch. There's a lot of great brunch and breakfast food that I love when I have it, but I just rarely eat until later in the day. I don't have an appetite for hours after I wake. But I really like Shopsins. I'm also a fan of the grocer Essex Farm.

What is your 2:00 a.m. food order or favorite spot?
Any Halal cart chicken and rice. I don't favor any particular cart. There's something about the smell of their spices when you're out really late that always whets my appetite.

What is your local coffee shop?
Essex Street Market.

Where do you go when you travel to your favorite city?
No Name Restaurant in Boston.

What is the "laziest" meal you put together for yourself this past week?
Hard-boiled eggs and fish sauce. Fish sauce with eggs is quite common in Thailand. I've always liked it and continue to enjoy eggs that way.

What is your favorite snack food?
Calbee brand shrimp chips.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Pork rinds.

Photo by Melanie Reiders.

Dining Out

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