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Notes On A Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, West Village, Meatpacking

Inspectors on places that may not make the MICHELIN Guide but are well worth a visit

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Over the next few months, follow our famously anonymous inspectors as they visit and explore each neighborhood as listed in our Guides. Beyond the MICHELIN Guide’s New York selection, we also like to highlight local points of interest where one can sip, sup, or stay. This week we're on Manhattan's west side in Greenwich Village (Houston to 14th Sts, Broadway to the Hudson), West Village (Clarkson to 14th Sts, 6th Ave to the Hudson), and Meatpacking (Gansevoort to 14th Streets, 9th Ave to the Hudson).

Artistic, poetic, and edgy—these best describe the Village’s identity. Thank the Beatnik generation for this because, many decades later, people still seek out this neighborhood for its cafés, indie theaters, and music venues all brimming with artists, savvy tourists, and droves of students. With Washington Square Park and NYU and The New School at its core, locals still embrace the liberal, intellectual spirit that in many ways is the heart of the city.

Jeju Noodle Bar's seafood naengmyun. Photo by Douglas Kim, courtesy of Jeju Noodle Bar
Jeju Noodle Bar's seafood naengmyun. Photo by Douglas Kim, courtesy of Jeju Noodle Bar

Greenwich Village
Thanks to such a diverse history and culture, restaurants run from mom-and pop-style shops to One Star Korean noodles. Mamoun’s and Taïm have been feeding students for an age with some of the best falafel in town, just as Springbone Kitchen’s bone broth is especially popular for takeout. Desi palates converge at food truck sensation NY Dosas for their eponymous rice and lentil-flour crêpes. Arrive in England by way of A Salt & Battery, where the fish and chips are just as strong as their sides. Over on Bleecker, Faicco’s Italian Specialties and Ottomanelli & Sons have been catering to carnivores for more than 100 years—not unlike minimal and sawdust(y) Florence Prime Meat Market, reputed to be every gourmand’s go-to for Christmas goose. And what pairs well with meat? Cheese, with Murray’s Cheese Shop initiating hungry neophytes into the understanding of their countless varieties. Finally, no Village jaunt is complete without a slice of pizza from John’s of Bleecker St. or Joe’s on Carmine and fresh pasta from Raffetto's to make at home.

Té Company's pineapple linzer. Photo courtesy of Té Company
Té Company's pineapple linzer. Photo courtesy of Té Company

West Village
Situated along the Hudson River, the West Village is predominately residential, marked by angular streets, quaint boutiques, and chic eateries. Don your grandma’s pearls and stop by Tea & Sympathy for (pricey) afternoon tea, before surrendering to banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. Close at hand, Té Company’s elegantly packaged pineapple linzer cookies are sure to make any host happy and hopefully guarantee a return visit. Both brunch and lunch are big at Elephant & Castle and diner La Bonbonniere; this may be tailed by drinks, which aren’t the only thing heating up the scene at Little Branch—their bartenders flaunt an encyclopedic knowledge of hand-crafted cocktails.

Meatpacking. Photo © stockelements/iStock
Meatpacking. Photo © stockelements/iStock

Long gone are the slaughterhouses and underground dens that gave this neighborhood its name. These cobblestone streets are now the very picture of posh, scattered with tourists and locals alike going to the Whitney, High Line, and upmarket bars and restaurants. The Standard Biergarten is a boisterous social center with beer and bratwursts running the show every summer. Come fall and winter, soak up the scene at rink-side pop-up Kaffeeklatsch—a coffee shop preparing hot beverages for the freezing skaters at Standard Plaza (in between the Whitney and Chelsea Market).

These are some of our favorite new MICHELIN Plate restaurants in these neighborhoods.
Silver Apricot: Chengdu-born Chef Simone Tong brings her culinary flair by way of small plates to this contemporary Greenwich Village den, where the menu reads like a narrative of Chinese immigrants craving a taste of home.

232 Bleecker: In this light-filled destination, Chef Suzanne Cupps connects with her diners on a personal level, as they bask in the soft warmth of the enormous hearth and tuck into vegetable-forward dishes.

Wicked Jane: Chef Zod Aridai's tenet of clean, straightforward cooking with a view to seasonality
comes to life at this correspondingly simple, albeit stunning, spot.

Red Paper Clip: Kevin Chen and Tashi Gyamtso are the brains behind this stylish Asian-leaning tasting menu delight, where the interior is left stark and simple to highlight the menu’s bright flavors.

232 Bleecker. Photo by Jason LeCras, courtesy of 232 Bleecker
232 Bleecker. Photo by Jason LeCras, courtesy of 232 Bleecker

Where To Stay
How do you find a hotel experience as extraordinary as a meal from a Michelin-rated restaurant? Tablet Hotels.

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village
The Walker Hotel Greenwich Village, does its best to pay tribute to its neighborhood. This means classic Georgian architecture, plush, romantic interiors liberally festooned with velvet, and bookshelves in the lobby filled with volumes by West Village writers—a pretty illustrious crowd, as it turns out. Up in the bedrooms there’s a slightly more parsimonious approach applied to the décor— still, Tivoli radios, C.O. Bigelow bath products and shockingly retro rotary-dial phones do set a certain boho tone, one that’s accentuated by Deco-inspired prints and a deep, rich color palette. 113 rooms

The Marlton Hotel
The Marlton is swanky enough, in its Parisian-inspired way, and it’s also realistically priced, so as to make space for a more eclectic clientele. It’s been described as a sort of baby Bowery, and that’s not inaccurate—imagine the Bowery Hotel on a cozier scale with a slightly more residential vibe, and you’re most of the way there. 112 rooms

The Marlton Hotel. Photo by Annie Schlechter
The Marlton Hotel. Photo by Annie Schlechter


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