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Truffle with Tempeh, Celery Root and Olive Oil (Video)

This dish is a signature at Sans, a new vegan restaurant in Brooklyn.

01 Nov 2018
Aaron Hutcherson Aaron Hutcherson

Do We Have to Call It Vegan?

Champ Jones reflects on the wider context of vegan and plant-based eating following the recent opening of his restaurant Sans in New York City.

24 Sep 2018
Marguerite Imbert Marguerite Imbert

Recipe: Cauliflower Meze

Serve this meze at your next summer feast, courtesy of DEZ’s Eden Grinshpan.

11 Jul 2018
Marguerite Imbert Marguerite Imbert

Recipe: Colonel Tso's Cauliflower

Chef Jessi Singh shares the recipe for one of the most popular dishes at Babu Ji.

17 May 2018
Aaron Hutcherson Aaron Hutcherson

Video: Amanda Cohen’s Peking Peas

The Dirt Candy chef pays an homage to the neighborhood of Chinatown with her vegetarian dish.

05 Mar 2018
MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC

What Is Aquafaba and How Do I Use It?

All you need to know about the popular bean liquid.

10 Feb 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

6 Food Trends to Watch in 2018

Vegetables, non-alcoholic drinks and mindful eating take centerstage.

14 Jan 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Making Meatless Mainstream: John Fraser's Impact on NYC Dining

A (mostly) vegetarian chef champions vegetable-forward fine dining in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

22 Dec 2017
Shanika Hillocks Shanika Hillocks

Why Are Some Mushrooms so Expensive?

At its peak, one of these fungi sold for $96,000.

01 Dec 2017

Recipe: Barbecued Carrots with Hazelnut Caesar

Surprise—the Caesar dressing is vegan.

27 Oct 2017
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker
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