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Recipe: The “After Eight” Dessert

This treat served at The Clocktower in NYC is a modern take on the mint chocolate U.K. favorite.

10 May 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

Recipe: Malabi (Milk Pudding)

Nur serves this Middle Eastern dessert with rose water, grenadine, pistachios and rose petals.

03 Apr 2018
Aaron Hutcherson Aaron Hutcherson

Rice Pudding: Junoon's Family Heirloom Recipe

There’s a secret to the meticulous Indian dish.

27 Mar 2018
Vanita Salisbury Vanita Salisbury
MICHELIN Exclusive

Meet Cédric Grolet: A Pastry Star on the Rise

In an exclusive interview in Asia, one of the most talked-about pâtissiers, Cédric Grolet, discusses what lies behind his visually-stunning confections.

23 Mar 2018
Kenneth Goh Kenneth Goh

Recipe: Raspberry Soufflé

Try this recipe for a cloud-like soufflé from three-Michelin-starred Swiss restaurant B.Violier.

20 Mar 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Meet Eunji Lee, Jungsik’s Pastry Chef Extraordinaire

The pastry chef at the two-Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City successfully fulfilled her dream.

08 Mar 2018
Meryle Evans Meryle Evans

The Origins of Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate and Gotham Chocolates

Pastry chefs Marc Aumont and Ron Paprocki each create signature bonbons and bars with a nod to New York City.

28 Feb 2018
Meryle Evans Meryle Evans

The Ultimate Crème Brûlée Guide

Chef Raphael Francois shares the recipe and some secrets to success.

20 Feb 2018
Lani Furbank Lani Furbank

Recipe: Patrick O'Connell's Chocolate Pecan Grapefruit Tart

Toast The Inn at Little Washington's 40th anniversary with this dessert recipe.

26 Jan 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

Video: Makhan Malai with Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent

This traditional yet mysterious dessert has been made throughout India for 150 years.

04 Jan 2018
MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC
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