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10 Chefs Who Are Changing the World

These chefs from around the world are improving society through gastronomy.

27 Nov 2018
Marguerite Imbert Marguerite Imbert

Chef Spotlight: Val Cantu

The chef and owner of two-Michelin-starred Californios is bringing his inventive Mexican cuisine from San Francisco to New York.

29 Oct 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

Catching Up with Alinea Chef Simon Davies

The executive chef of three-Michelin-starred Alinea in Chicago says his new role is pure happenstance.

25 Sep 2018
Mary Holland Mary Holland

Meet Blue Duck Tavern's New Executive Chef: Adam Howard

Howard took over the kitchen of the one-Michelin-starred Washington, D.C. restaurant in June.

11 Sep 2018
Lani Furbank Lani Furbank

Ulises Olmos Is Boulud Sud's New Executive Chef

Over the last 14 years at Daniel Boulud's Dinex Group, Olmos has risen from dishwasher to executive chef.

31 Aug 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

Meet Santina's New Executive Chef: Ashley Eddie

Eddie worked her way up from line cook to executive chef at Major Food Group's Amalfi Coast-inspired restaurant.

29 Aug 2018
Aaron Hutcherson Aaron Hutcherson

Anita Lo Is Back on the Market

The acclaimed chef discusses the closure of her beloved restaurant, her current projects, and what's next.

17 Aug 2018
Jane Frye Jane Frye

Coming to America: Emma Bengtsson

Born and raised in a small Swedish fishing village, Emma Bengtsson tells her tale of coming to America.

10 Aug 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

Sarah Grueneberg on the Heart and Soul of Monteverde

The acclaimed chef credits her team for much of the restaurant's success.

19 Jul 2018
Jacob Dean Jacob Dean

Jerome Grant Honors History and Culture at Sweet Home Café

Grant showcases the breadth and depth of African American cuisine at the National Museum of African American History and Culture's restaurant.

05 Jul 2018
Jacob Dean Jacob Dean
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