Tag: Japanese cuisine

Kitchen Language: What is Kaiseki?

Fact: It is often considered the finest level of dining in Japan.

15 Nov 2017

10 Types Of Ramen and Where They Are From

From the varying doneness of noodles to the thickness of the broths, every Japanese region has their own version. Get to know them.

06 Nov 2017
Alethea Tan Alethea Tan

Where to Eat Ramen in Tokyo

10 Michelin-recommended Japanese eateries for your ramen fix.

30 Oct 2017

Beyond Fatty Tuna: The Ultimate Sushi Guide

Of course you’re familiar with the ubiquitous salmon and toro. Up your knowledge with these lesser-known cuts that are just as, if not more, tasty and delicious.

19 Sep 2017
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