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The 9 Best Japanese Restaurants in Chicago

From takoyaki to miso-graham cracker crumble, these restaurants are redefining Japanese cuisine in the Windy City.

05 Jul 2018
MICHELIN Guide Digital  Chicago MICHELIN Guide Digital Chicago

Don Wagyu Opens in Manhattan’s Financial District

Luxury lunching options expand in FiDi with $180 beef sandwiches.

28 Jun 2018
Marguerite Imbert Marguerite Imbert

Masayoshi Takayama's NYC Robata (Video)

The sushi master walks us through his latest venture, Tetsu.

26 Jun 2018
MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC

Recipe: Black Cod Donabe from Chef Kyle Connaughton

Learn how to use the ceramic Japanese tool at home.

14 Feb 2018

8 Types of Soy Sauces and Their Uses

There's more to soy sauce than dark and light, including one that fetches 30 times the usual price of a bottle.

11 Feb 2018
Michelin Guide Digital-Hong Kong Macau Michelin Guide Digital-Hong Kong Macau

Video: A Second Star for Sushi Ginza Onodera

Get to know the sushi jedi behind the two-Michelin-starred Midtown Manhattan hotspot.

18 Dec 2017
MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC MICHELIN Guide Digital NYC

Kitchen Language: What is Kaiseki?

Fact: It is often considered the finest level of dining in Japan.

15 Nov 2017

Toru Okuda Opens His First NYC Outpost Today

This is the first stateside restaurant for the lauded Japanese chef.

15 Nov 2017

10 Types Of Ramen and Where They Are From

From the varying doneness of noodles to the thickness of the broths, every Japanese region has their own version. Get to know them.

06 Nov 2017
Alethea Tan Alethea Tan

Where to Eat Ramen in Tokyo

10 Michelin-recommended Japanese eateries for your ramen fix.

30 Oct 2017
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