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The First Day I Got My MICHELIN Star: Kyo Hsu Of Kitcho In Taipei

Here, we get the world's most celebrated chefs to recall what it was like when they got their very first MICHELIN stars.


News & Views 1 minute
MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2019 Selection
The second edition of the guide includes the city’s first two-MICHELIN-starred restaurant and 10 with one-star distinctions.
Dining Out 1 minute
Tutorial: French Fine Dining Rituals Decoded
Canapés, amuse-bouche, mignardises, petit four — all a fanciful part of the French fine dining experience. What are they, and how do you pronounce them?
News & Views 2 minutes
MICHELIN Guide Fukuoka-Saga-Nagasaki 2019 Special Edition Selection
This edition is the first comprehensive relook of the Fukuoka and Saga prefectures since it was launched in 2014 and is the first time that Nagasaki has been included in the guide.
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Boon Or Bane: Restaurant Reservation Deposits
We have no qualms paying ahead for movie tickets and air fares, so why not a meal?
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5 Questions With Alain Huang Of RAW In Taipei On Sourcing Locally In Penghu
The chef of two-MICHELIN-starred RAW in Taipei takes us on a one-day exploration in Penghu, where he discusses his summer menu and the contemporary gastronomic dynamics between Taiwan and the world.
Features 6 minutes
Belgian Chocolate Is Coming Out of Its (Sea)Shell
Gone are the days of sea creature shapes. Contemporary chocolate makers in Belgium are experimenting with new tastes and production methods.
News & Views 1 minute
MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2019 Bib Gourmand Selection
10 new establishments have been added this year, bringing the total to 28.
News & Views 3 minutes
MICHELIN Guide California 2019 Selection
The Golden State is now home to 90 MICHELIN-starred restaurants.
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9 Most Notable Styles Of Japanese Ceramics
Each of the 47 prefectures in Japan produces its own ceramic ware with unique aesthetics.
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MICHELIN Guide California 2019 Bib Gourmands
Ahead of the inaugural statewide edition for California, MICHELIN reveals affordable restaurants across the state from Wine Country to San Diego.
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Ask The Expert: How To Make Fresh Pasta By Hand
Professional sfoglina Simonetta Capotondo gives a detailed guide to the art of fresh pasta made completely by hand.
Travel 2 minutes
5 Awamori Distilleries To Visit In Okinawa
See a different side of the Okinawan spirit through its awamori distilleries.
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Industry Insider: A Tribute To Robert M. Parker Jr.
As the father of modern wine criticism retires today, Lisa Perrotti-Brown, editor-in-chief of Robert Parker Wine Advocate, pays tribute to his legacy.
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The First Day I Got My MICHELIN Star: Marco Sacco Of Piccolo Lago In Italy
We get the world’s most celebrated chefs to spill what it was like when they got their first MICHELIN stars.
Dining In 2 minutes
6 Most Common Varieties Of Edible Seaweed
These vegetables of the sea are tasty, versatile and packed with nutrients.
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MICHELIN Guide Aichi-Gifu-Mie 2019 Selection
68 restaurants in the Tokai region have received Michelin stars while 102 establishments have been recognised with a Bib Gourmand.
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