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Kitchen Language: What Are The Different Knife Cuts?

Sharpen your knife skills with this handy guide to cutting terms like julienne, chiffonade and brunoise.

14 Jan 2019

Kitchen Language: What Is Quenelle?

Hilton’s new executive pastry chef Cindy Khoo demonstrates this deceptively simple technique that elevates any plate to fine-dining standard.

03 Oct 2018

Technique Thursday: 6 Tips For A Great Roast

Executive chef Ian Hioe of The Carvery dispenses advice for perfect meat every time.

19 Sep 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Kitchen Language: What Is Dum Pukht?

This traditional slow-cooking technique allows the dish to breathe and seals in all the flavours.

10 Sep 2018

Turn Your Kitchen Scraps Into Flavourful Powders

Zafferano’s new head chef shows how you can repurpose food waste into flavour-packed powders for cooking, marinating and plating.

16 Jul 2018

The Beauty Of Basmati

Consider using more of this wholesome, fragrant and surprisingly versatile rice in your everyday cooking.

19 Jun 2018

Smart Science: 5 Inventions Inspired By Space Technology

Many kinds of advanced technology once exclusive to astronauts have become the mainstays of our daily life. Without exception, the food industry has seen a fair share of fundamental inventions inspired by space science.

30 May 2018
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

Tea Appreciation: Tasting The 2018 Darjeeling First Flush

Learn how to infuse and appreciate this rare tea with tips from the TWG Tea Institute.

17 May 2018

Yukimuro: The Japanese Science Of Snow Aged Food

Coffee, sake, vegetables and wagyu undergo an amazing taste-transformation in this snowy traditional storage method.

15 Apr 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Restaurant-Worthy Lamb: Tips And Tricks From Chefs

These pro techniques will transform the way you cook lamb.

10 Apr 2018
Abbe Baker
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