Gourmet Food We Didn't Expect to Find in Don Don Donki

Japanese discount store Don Don Donki turns out to be a gourmet haven.
There was a crowd outside their doors even before they officially opened for business on Friday, 1st December. Don Don Donki or Don Quijote as it is known in Japan, Hawaii and the United States is a popular Japanese discount store that's open around the clock.

With locals likening them to the beloved all-encompassing Mustafa Centre at Farrer Park, Don Don Donki sells everything from home decor to pet food, toys to cosmetics. The megastore spans two levels at Orchard Central, B1 and B2, with the space in B2 completely devoted to hawking a wide range of Japanese products.

We paid the store a visit and here are some of the gourmet items we've found.

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Suntory's Hibiki (響) 17 
The demand for Japanese whiskey skyrocketed since critic Jim Murray shocked the world by declaring the single malt from Yamazaki distillery as the best three years ago. Don Don Donki sells a variety of smooth-sipping whiskeys including Suntory's 17-year-old Hibiki.
Fresh Seafood
Customers can expect some of the freshest seafood including ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin) and sashimi-grade fish that can dress up even the drabbest of home-cooked dishes.
Whole Hairy Crab
There's also an entire fresh hairy crab flown in from Hokkaido. Lightly steam it and season with a light hand for a gourmet meal at your next get-together.
Fresh Japanese Vine Tomatoes
They're delicious eaten fresh as is in a light salad or roasted to luscious, saucy char. Japanese tomatoes have a reputation for being downright tasty and megastore has in stock a fantastic variety of the fruit.
Top-Grade Japanese Wagyu
With racks of highly sought after Kobe and Saga beef, Don Don Donki is a beef lover's paradise. The beautifully marbled beef is also prepped in various cuts for different uses - steak, yakiniku, sukiyaki and shabu shabu.
Japanese Natto
You either love it or you hate it; natto is an acquired taste. The megastore hawks these traditional treats made from fermented soybeans in handy takeaway containers that you can easily stash into your bag to add to your meal later.
Fresh Octopus
Here's a delicacy you'll be hard-pressed to find in your local supermarket but Don Don Donki has them in spades. The versatile seafood can be eaten fresh as is or cooked on the grill for a lovely char. Cook and serve it whole to make a visual statement at your dinner party.

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