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Mother's Day 2020: Chefs' Messages To Mum

With many physically separated from their loved ones this year, chefs of MICHELIN star restaurants in Singapore pay tribute to their mothers with heartfelt messages and poignant photos.

Mother's Day Singapore chefs COVID-19

Celebrating Mother's Day is a little harder this year with international travel restrictions and social distancing measures in place to stem the tide of Covid-19. For the many chefs in Singapore who might have otherwise made a trip home to see their mothers on this special occasion, we lend them our platform and the MICHELIN Guide Singapore Facebook Page to share their heartfelt messages to their mothers.

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See what the chefs have to say to their mothers this year
odette 2_3.jpg

Julien Royer
Three MICHELIN Stars, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mother is one of my greatest teachers. Not only is she a wonderful cook, she is an incredibly passionate woman from whom I've inherited a love for nature. I've learnt so much about life around her and the relationship she has with nature is truly something beautiful. Growing up on the farm, we were surrounded by flowers, plants, herbs and reared our own animals, I would always remember how she would make goat cheese and now, she even produces her own honey."

Chef Kentaro and his mother_3.jpg

Chen Kentaro
Shisen Hanten
Two MICHELIN Stars, MICHELIN Guide 2019

"My mother is a master at cooking and my worthy rival when it comes to tennis and golf. She is the greatest mother and my best friend! Mama, I've always wanted to tell you: Thank you for raising me. I've been really happy lately that you decided to pick up golf — let's play together soon!"


Emmanuel Stroobant
Saint Pierre
Two MICHELIN Stars, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"Hi Rose, I just wanted to wish you a fantastic Mother's Day. I know it's unusual to celebrate Mother's Day with a mother-in-law but to me, you've been more than a mother. My parents divorced when I was very young and I never really had a motherly figure, but in the last 20 years you've been supporting me and helping me — you are the mother I could never have dreamt of, and I just wanted to say thank you."


Aitor Jeronimo Orive
Basque Kitchen by Aitor
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mum passed away several years ago. She wasn't a very accomplished cook yet she was a great teacher and the best role model. If it wasn't for her encouragement and guidance, I wouldn't have become a chef."


Jeremy Gillon
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mother’s name is Nadége. I call her mamoune. I admire my mother greatly and am immensely thankful to her for everything she has done and given me throughout my life. She is the reason why I developed an interest in cooking and eventually became a chef. Over the last 20 years, my career has mostly kept me away from her. I have only ever had about two weeks to see her each year. Now that I am in Singapore and we have JAG, I haven’t had the opportunity to go to see her yet. She is, however, in my heart and mind constantly. The jams and vinegars that she sends make me terribly homesick at times. I miss her immensely. Miss you mamoune. Happy Mother’s Day."

Sushi Kimura_3.jpg

Tomoo Kimura
Sushi Kimura
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"Mom, arigatou gozaimasu! I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you. With the current situation all over the world, I'm doing fine. I will go and see you when the situation gets better. Let's meet when it gets better, and be happy this year and in the coming years."

Chef Kenji - Beni_3.jpg

Kenji Yamanaka
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mother has given her all in shaping me into the person I am today. I fell in love with cooking after seeing her cook. I will always be grateful to her. She was the first person to understand and support my dream. I have not had the chance to invite her to Singapore since receiving my MICHELIN star. Mum, please stay healthy so we can meet again here in Singapore."

Alma - Chef Haikal 3_3.jpg

Haikal Johari
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mother is my inspiration to live life. She is the reason why I am who I am today — resilient. I wish there were better words than 'thank you' to express my gratitude to my mum for raising me this past 43 years. I still remember when I was young, I was very naughty but she was always there — she's still there for me now. I wish her the best health and a good life ahead, and I hope I can be her good son forever."


Manjunath Mural
The Song Of India
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"She was the greatest support to me when I decided to become a chef. She always inspires me to be good and be good with others, and live humbly. Mummy, I miss you so much. Thank you for being my greatest supporter. We miss you every day and remember your lessons to us to live simply." 


Roberto Galetti
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mother is the perfect balance in the family. In our relationships, she plays the role of friend, protector and supporter. My mother is the mother that everyone would like. Mom, I would like to tell you that it's thanks to you that I'm here today and we'll see each other soon. Ciao Momma."

Beppe and Mum_3.jpg

Beppe De Vito
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"Hello Ma! Thank you for being the glue that holds the family together, soft at the edges with a heart of steel. You have guided us with wisdom and fairness. Your dedication to nurture and love us unconditionally is priceless. Thank you for being the bread of my life, happy Mother's Day!"

Ma Cuisine 2_3.jpg

Mathieu Escoffier
Ma Cuisine
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"I really want to thank you mom for the education you gave me, you are the one who made me try my first sip of wine at 7 years old, my first 3 Michelin stars experience at 6 years old, and since then never stop to teach me how to enjoy these beautiful things of life.. because of that I never had to ask myself about my future, it was obvious I wanted to become a Chef, and if I succeed, it’s 99% because of you. If you were here I would imagine we would be sharing a great bottle of wine. Thank you, I love you."

Chef Li Wen Wu 2_3.jpg

Li Wen Wu
Putien (Kitchener Road)
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"When I was a child, my mom always prepared the food for us every time we were hungry. This sowed the seeds of the dream of becoming a chef in my mind. I thought that as a chef, I would be able pass on this same joyful experience to others. As I grew older, this idea became stronger so I developed my cooking skill consistently. Eventually I became a chef and had the opportunity to serve my mom and others. I really appreciate my mom and the people who helped me. I would not be a chef without them."

malcolm 2_3.jpg

Malcolm Lee
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"Hello Mummy, thank you for always encouraging, supporting and guiding me. Thank you for loving me even though I am such a naughty boy. You've been such a great inspiration to me. So here's wishing you a blessed happy Mother’s Day. I love you!"

buona terra (1)_3.jpg

Denis Lucchi
Buona Terra
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"Dear mom, I took a few minute without my mask on to wish you 'happy Mother's Day'. I wish I could be there to take care of you as you did when I was young but it is a really bad period. Let's be patient and I will come and hug you soon. Take care in this tough period and remember that I love you."

Cheek Bistro - Head Chef Teo Jun Xiang-3_3.jpg

Teo Jun Xiang
Cheek Bistro
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"My mum is my biggest fan and greatest support. No matter how tough the circumstance, she will always be there to cheer me on, and I really appreciate her for that. Mum, I just wanted to say this to you: I love you. You always told me to spread love and happiness to everyone and that's what I am doing today with the food at Cheek. I also want to wish all the mothers out there a happy Mother's Day."

sum pav 3.jpg

Cheung Siu Kong
Summer Pavilion
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

"Hi Mummy, it's been a while since I returned to Hong Kong to have tea and chat with you. You taught me to work hard and do things step by step; to set a goal and work hard towards it without forgetting your initial motivation. During this period with the coronavirus around, do remember to drink more water and wash your hands. Mother's Day is almost here, I wish you a happy Mother's Day and good health always."

david thien mother.jpg

David Thien
Corner House
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my tree is my mum. Having the same character hasn’t been always easy but she has been a role model as a single working mum raising two kids. We never lacked anything.”

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