First Look: Kyuu By Shunsui

From assorted sashimi to grilled items, it's all about enticing the senses at this new robatayaki restaurant.
We described Kappo Shunsui at Cuppage Plaza as arguably the most exciting Japanese restaurant opening this year. Now, the group has opened Kyuu by Shunsui, a ​Japanese robatayaki restaurant located at 29 Keong Saik Road. Diners go through a 7-course meal, beginning with assorted sashimi, and going on to fresh seafood and beef grilled over glowing coals.

Here's a sneak peek.

A platter of assorted seasonal sashimi. Ebi, Uni, Chutoro, Salmon, Kanpachi, served with pretty seasonal flowers.

Hokkaido Rice Yumepirika with Ikura. The most entertaining part of dinner, where chef continues spooning heaps of ikura onto the small bowl of rice, until you tell him to "stop".

King Crab with Vinegar and Sudachi Lime
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