Recipe: The Pegu Club Cocktail, Made With Infused Gin

A modern spin on this classic gin-based cocktail.
Most cocktails have a history, and The Pegu Club is no different. The origins of this gin-based cocktail hark back to the time of the British empire, where weary military officers would retreat to a gentleman’s club and knock back a drink or two – usually containing gin. The Pegu Club cocktail was the signature drink of its eponymous club in Rangoon, Burma (now known as Yangon, Myanmar), which was once part of the British colony.
Traditionally, the cocktail is made with a base of dry gin, lime juice and a dash of angostura bitters, but Saimai Nantarat, bartender at Bunker bar in Bangkok, has put her own spin to it. The winner of “Bangkok’s Best Gin & Tonic 2017” at East Imperial Gin Jubilee uses infused gin in her version, elevating its usual juniper-driven profile with dried chrysanthemum flowers.
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“Dried flowers such as chrysanthemum are good to infuse with gin, as the gins are herbaceous in flavour because of the juniper berries,” says Nantarat. Infusing the clear spirit with the dried buds adds a sweet dimension to the drink. Here, she provides a simple recipe for infusing your own gin and making your own Pegu Club cocktail at home.
Pegu Club Cocktail from Bunker bar
Pegu Club Cocktail from Bunker bar
Chrysanthemum-infused gin
Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao liqueur 
G.E Massenez Cream de Cassis liqueur 
Lime juice 
Bitter Truth Orange and Angostura bitters

Step 1: Make the infused gin
Put 50g of dried chrysanthemum flowers in one bottle of Beefeater gin. Leave the infusion in a cooler overnight.

Step 2: Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well.

Step 3: Fine strain the liquid into a martini glass. Leave out the ice.

Step 4: Garnish with chrysanthemum flowers and serve.
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