Savour Bib Gourmand Awarded Restaurant Dishes Without Leaving Home

Skip the crowds and enjoy good food with just a few clicks.
These days, ordering food at home is a breeze but short of trying out the food yourself, there isn’t a surefire way to be sure that what you’re ordering is quality fare to satisfy the discerning diner in you.

Unless of course, the restaurant you’ve got your eye on has a Bib Gourmand awarded to it by the Michelin inspectors.

In fact, online food ordering platform Deliveroo has seven of these restaurants in its fold ranging from Pakistani-style dum biryani to Hokkien dumplings and even Nepalese dumplings known as Momo. Here’s more.
Hoo Kee Bak Chang
The art of making bak chang – those glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables then wrapped with bamboo leaves is said to be a tradition that’s slowly disappearing. 70 year old establishment Hoo Kee Bak Chang is careful to preserve this aspect of Hokkien culinary culture and it’s one you can savour right at home. Go for the original made with marinated pork and roasted chestnuts or order the best seller where salted egg yolk is added for a robust flavour. Those looking for meat-free alternatives can order up the vegetarian version where mushrooms are used in place of pork, offering more of a bite without sacrificing on flavour.
Bismillah Biryani
Dum biryani is the speciality in this casual eatery and founder Arif Salahuddin has spent years perfecting the authenticity of this age old dish after he found that the stalls serving them up here don’t quite make the cut. The trick to such deliciousness is to cook the meat, spices, herbs and rice together so the flavours of each meld and mix in a way that makes the rice sing. Choose between the chicken and mutton biryani – the latter of which is cooked till fork-tender, but if you’re one who really loves meat, there’s the double mutton dum biryani that’s sure to keep the carnivore in you satiated.
Ka Soh
What’s better than having zi char with your loved ones? When you can have it in the comforts of your own home. Ka Soh is a humble zi char eatery with over 70 years of history under it’s belt. More than 30 of its classics are available via Deliveroo including its well-loved har cheong kai (prawn paste chicken) and sweet and sour pork. But if it’s just a simple dinner for yourself you’re after, there’s a delicious range of noodles accompanied with a delicious broth made by boiling fish bones for up to six hours for a soul-warming bowl of goodness perfect for rainy days in.
Peony Jade
If you can’t decide if it’s Sichuan or Cantonese food you’re craving for, you’re in luck as Peony Jade whips up both types of cuisines in one kitchen with a generous selection available for order on Deliveroo. The flambé crispy roasted pork is a must-try and demonstrates the kitchens’ mastery of heat to get the perfect char. One dish which the Michelin inspectors love is the deep-fried prawns coated with salted egg yolk for its creaminess while other standouts include the selection of soups, the most interesting of which is the double boiled conch consommé with black garlic simmered for long hours over a low fire.
Shish Mahal
There aren’t many restaurants in Singapore that serve up Nepalese cuisine and Shish Mahal which also specialises in North Indian fare is one of them. One Nepalese dish available for delivery is the momo – dumplings stuffed with chicken marinated in spices and onions served with a Sichuan pepper sauce. The Michelin inspectors also recommend the Indian vegetarian dishes like reshmi saag paneer – cottage cheese cooked in spinach puree and strips of ginger as well as the gobi matar, cauliflower with green peas in a mild gravy.
Zaffron Kitchen
Zaffron Kitchen manages to meld technology (all orders are made through an iPad) with traditional cooking and the establishment is not stopping there. Most, if not all the dishes available for dine in are available on order ranging from the skewers of juicy yet charred chicken tikka, fluffy tandoor rotis and an assortment of fearsome curries. If you prefer a one dish meal without fussing over different dishes, the dum chicken biryani would be the perfect option for its fragrant rice accompanied with the spicy succulent chicken.

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