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Next stop: Food paradise

Singapore has long been referred to as the dining capital of Asia - and for good reason.

The city-state offers a wide array of delicious offerings that run the gamut from casual street fare to fine-dining creations by renowned local and foreign celebrity chefs. Naturally, Singapore is the first Southeast Asian country, and only the fourth Asian territory (after Japan, Hong Kong and Macau) to be rated by the Michelin Guide.

Developed and operated by global publishing company Robert Parker Wine Advocate with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board, the Michelin Guide Singapore web portal showcases the best of Singapore’s food offerings via four interconnected channels:

  • An annually updated Michelin Guide Singapore print guidebook and fully searchable online database containing ratings and recommendations that are solely, independently and anonymously produced by the Michelin Guide’s team of restaurant dining inspectors
  • A Michelin SG digital mobile app for Apple and Android phones containing the Michelin Guide Singapore's full selection
  • A series of exclusive culinary events fronting local dining establishments and foreign chefs rated by the Guide and highly sought after wines handpicked by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate's team of esteemed wine critics
  • A gourmet lifestyle editorial section that is updated daily with informative, interactive content that supports the Michelin Guide Singapore
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