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5 Michelin-recommended Restaurants In Taipei For Delicious Vegetarian Food

These five Michelin-recommended restaurants in Taipei are putting their best foot forward when it comes to delightful vegetarian dishes.

11 Jan 2019
MICHELIN Guide Taipei Editorial Team MICHELIN Guide Taipei Editorial Team

Recipe: Truffle and Red Quinoa Rice

If you want to fill your belly with something delicious and healthy, this recipe is a keeper.

07 Dec 2018
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

Tasty Meatless Dishes To Try This Vesak Day

Up for some meatless cuisine this Vesak Day? Here are some of our picks.

28 May 2018
Rosalind Ang Rosalind Ang

Recipes: Chef Sam Leong’s Easy Meat-free Family Meal

A wholesome two-dish dinner that still packs a flavorful punch.

20 Jan 2018

7 Michelin-starred Restaurants For A Vegetarian Meal

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a meat-free fine dining experience

13 Jan 2018

Much Room for Mushrooms: Morel, Truffle, Matsutake and Why They're So Expensive

At its peak, one of these fungi sold for $79,000.

29 Nov 2017

Fungi Fun Guide: Japanese Mushrooms to Know

There's way more to the list than shiitake.

07 Nov 2017

Know Your Winter Fruit: Pumpkins and Squashes

They can be carved into jack-o'-lanterns, fashioned into fairytale carriages or baked into a mathematician's favourite dessert.

31 Oct 2017

7 Types of Beans and How to Cook Them

They are versatile, convenient and downright tasty. Beans are a home cook's secret weapon.

10 Oct 2017
Alethea Tan Alethea Tan

5 Things to Know About Heirloom Tomatoes

These fancy fruit aren't just another pretty face.

05 Oct 2017
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