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5 Questions with Nomadic Chef Diego Muñoz

The notable Peruvian chef on his world travels post-Astrid y Gaston and what to expect at his first culinary project in Southeast Asia, the Ulu Cliffhouse in Bali.

13 Nov 2017
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

7 Things You Need to Know about Peruvian Cuisine

From ceviche to quinoa, Peru has made a mark on contemporary food trends, but its food can actually be traced to a thousand years ago.

31 Aug 2017
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

A Classic Ceviche Recipe From Peruvian Restaurant Tono Cevicheria

The refreshing combination of raw fish cured in citrus juices is a delicious representation of South America fare. Peruvian chef Daniel Chavez shares his recipe.

26 Aug 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

First Day I Got My Michelin Stars: Virgilio Martinez of Lima

We get the world's most celebrated chefs to recall what it was like when they got their very first Michelin stars.

25 Oct 2016
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini
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