Tag: Malay and Indonesian

Recipe: Malay-Style Organic Lacto Chicken Curry

You don't have to compromise taste for nutrition with this recipe from Hilton Singapore’s wellness-centric restaurant, Verde Kitchen.

14 Apr 2018

Rendangate: 5 Michelin-Listed Eateries To Have Rendang That Is Not Crispy

After a MasterChef UK judge commented that a chicken rendang cooked by an eliminated contestant was "not crispy", a rendang row has erupted.

06 Apr 2018

Top 5 Spots for Ayam Penyet if You're Feeling Peckish

Here's a compiled list for ayam penyet in Singapore so you don't have to wing it.

09 Nov 2017

For the Love of Tang: 5 Spots for Assam Laksa in Singapore

Where to go for the funky, spicy, tangy laksa native to Penang

28 Oct 2017

Fried Food Fanclub: Where to Go for Tahu Telor

Here are 5 locales that serve up the dish that's better than tahu goreng.

19 Oct 2017

Supper Series: 5 Stalls for Kambing Soup

Five stalls specialising in the hearty, luscious soup that will warm you right up.

13 Oct 2017

Peranakan Cuisine: 5 Dishes You Have to Try

Marrying the best of Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese cuisines, Nonya cooking is a tantalising mix of aromas, tang and spice.

12 Oct 2017

Locavore's Chef Ray Adriansyah Spills On Being Proud of Indonesia's Culinary Heritage

Indonesia's restaurant scene is at its infancy and Bali is at the forefront of it all. Here's why.

13 Aug 2017

The Tourist's Guide To Nasi Padang

Whether you're a tourist from abroad or playing tourist in your own home, here's a guide to nasi padang so you'll be ordering like a seasoned pro in no time.

26 May 2017

10 Delicious Traditional Malay Kueh Dissected

Bib Gourmand-awarded eatery Hjh Maimunah sheds some light on lesser known traditional desserts.

20 Mar 2017
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