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New Michelin Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2020

An Encouraging Boost to the Hospitality Industry Recovery

September 22 marks the official publication date for the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2020. 89 restaurants have been selected in the 2020 edition of the Guide, including two Two Star restaurants, 10 One Star restaurants, 31 Bib Gourmand restaurants and 46 Michelin Plate restaurants. One restaurant received a second Star, one was awarded its first Star, and five new establishments joined the Bib Gourmand rankings: proof that the culinary identity of the city of Guangzhou, despite the tough months it has had to face, is as dynamic as ever.
“This is the third edition of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou. Despite the exceptional year we have been through, our inspectors continued to scout the city, being both touched and impressed by the resilience of so many chefs and their entrepreneurship in overcoming the crisis and helping to shape a safe and lasting recovery. This new edition is the perfect opportunity to highlight their efforts, to continue to support local industry, and, of course, to keep the spotlight firmly shining on Guangzhou as one of the best gourmet destinations in the world” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “With one new Two Star, one new One Star and five new Bib Gourmand restaurants in this year’s selection alongside restaurants that have consistently earned a distinction, the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2020 also recognizes the strength and effervescence of the local gastronomic scene.” added Gwendal Poullennec.

“We published the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou despite the difficult circumstances that have affected this year in a hope to reflect the vitality and capacity for recovery of restaurants in Guangzhou and offer consumers a mobility experience that is second to none,” said Kamran Vossoughi, President & CEO of Michelin Greater China.

One new Two-Star and one new One-Star restaurant
This year’s selection by the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou has been enriched with a new Two Star restaurant, Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine, which was promoted to a Two Star rating after receiving its first star last year. In this Singapore-based chain restaurant, chefs and teams propose fine and well-executed traditional Cantonese dishes. Among the specialties, the MICHELIN Guide inspectors gave a special stamp of approval to the menu’s steamed slender shad (or Chinese herring) served with diced ginger as well as its crispy fried chicken stuffed with sticky rice. Seasonal meals also charmed our teams and are worth a special detour! With restaurant Jiang by Chef Fei keeping
its Two Star rating, the 2020 Guangzhou selection illustrates both the excellence and the consistent quality of the city’s culinary scene.
On the One Star restaurant ratings, Lingnan House made its entry for the first time this year. Here, the open-plan kitchen setting means diners can see the restaurant’s impressive oven for roast goose and watch the chefs in action. Dishes are created from the finest ingredients, with a take on traditional Cantonese cuisine, such as minced fish soup with kaffir lime leaves. With nine other restaurants retaining their One Star award, the 2020 MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou now references 10 restaurants that are worth a special stop!

Five new restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand distinction
Chinese cuisine, and Cantonese one in particular, still occupy an important place in the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou Bib Gourmand selection which singles out restaurants that offer good quality food and good value for money (price bracket of less than CNY200/person for three courses in Guangzhou). Another three Cantonese restaurants were recognized this year. Da Ge Fan (Tangxiayong West Road) is famous for its different pigeon specialties, especially its namesake signature dish of rice cooked in pigeon and pork bone broth. Wen Ji Yixinji, a two-storey shop located in an alley, draws a crowd for its signature Yixin chicken, with its juicy, tender flesh and crispy skin that is full of flavor, all the way to the bone. Da Yang Jia offers special menus which pay tribute to the Chaozhou food culture. Here, marinated raw crabs permeate with umami and winey aromas and deep-fried Bombay duck melts in your mouth.
At Xing Fu Yi Zhan, a restaurant located in an ancient stage station, chefs and waiters dressed in traditional costume offer delicacies that reflect the richness of Sichuan cuisine as diners step back in time.
The emergence of other types of cuisine within the industry has also been well received by our inspectors. Making its first appearance in the Bib Gourmand selection, the Mamak restaurant is an excellent representative of Malaysian cuisine. With a name that means “hawker stall” in Malaysian, this establishment provides some of the country’s best national dishes such as laksa noodle soup, seafood noodle soup, and coconut milk rice, as well as traditional drinks such as three-layer milk tea and hand-pulled tea.
In total, the 2020 Guangzhou Bib Gourmand selection includes 31 restaurants.

2020 MICHELIN Young Chef and Welcome and Service Awards
Two special MICHELIN Awards, the MICHELIN Young Chef Award and the MICHELIN Welcome and Service Award, were set up by the MICHELIN Guide for Mainland China for the first time and announced at the Michelin Star Revelation Guangzhou 2020. These distinctions recognize the men and women in kitchen or service teams, who put all of their passion and know-how into their profession for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
This year, the 2020 MICHELIN Young Chef Award went to Chef Situ Jianquan from Lingnan House, whose rich and diverse work experience included roles at a renowned Cantonese food catering business and a Cantonese restaurant at a top-notch hotel in Guangzhou, before he head to the kitchens of Lingnan House. Michelin inspectors praised his skillful techniques, as well as his application in making presentations picture perfect and developing new recipes.
Finally, in recognition of her talent in offering a very high quality of service to customers and her efficient team management and training that makes each visit to the restaurant a special experience, the 2020 MICHELIN Welcome and Service Award went to Ms. Mao Xiaoxiang from BingSheng Private Kitchen, which has a One Star rating.
The 2020 selection of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou at a glance:

- 2 Two Star restaurants (1 new)
- 10 One Star restaurants (1 new)
- 31 Bib Gourmand restaurants (5 new)
- 46 Michelin Plate restaurants.

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