MICHELIN Guide 2019

Omakase by Vladimir Pak

  • Ruseløkkveien 3, 1st floor, Oslo
  • 1,350 - 1,350 NOK
  • Sushi
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

This restaurant comprises a three-sided counter with seats for 15. The fish and shellfish come largely from Norwegian waters and the rice is American. The no-choice menu offers around 18 servings of Edomae-style sushi, although there can be surprises, like reindeer; some wine pairings are equally original.


The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal


Comfortable. Our most delightful places


1,350 - 1,350 NOK

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Omakase by Vladimir Pak

+47 456 85 022
Opening hours
Closed Christmas, Easter, Sunday and bank holidays

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